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August 21, 2013

I was recently contacted by someone who would like to enlist YOUR help.

Tracy was inspired by my message center that was created from a medicine cabinet.  She has this great wooden wine box and would like to convert it into office storage.  Isn't that an amazing idea?  I agreed that we'd all help her to come up with some inventive ideas for her own DIY project.

So here is her wine box:

What do all of us want in office storage?  Things to be easy to find and put back.....something pretty and functional.....Room for all the things we need.....something inspiring that encourages us to get the work done that needs done.  There are basics like paper clips, post it notes, and a stapler that we all use on a regular basis, so there must be room to store the essentials.  Using these ideas, I set out on a search for some ideas of how to put all these things into a box!

I've had this image from Better Homes and Gardens saved for quite awhile.  The suitcase is being repurposed to store scrapbooking supplies, but I think that a lot of the ideas could be adapted for the office storage solution.  Everything in the suitcase is attached or boxed so things aren't rolling around.  (There is actually a metal sheet installed on the lid under the paper to hold the magnetic spice jars for storage).   And the idea of wrapping the inside of the suitcase in vintage pages makes the inside really special.  Tracy could use any paper with a pattern that she likes, book pages, sheet music, or even fabric.  Even the storage boxes inside have nice metal label tags on them.  There are lots of interesting and functional details in this suitcase.

via Better Homes and Gardens

This image that I found on Compulsive Craftiness shows a wooden box much like Tracy's that has a chalkboard painted on the lid.  I think this is a great idea.  Dividing the lower portion of the box into compartments is also nice so the office supplies are kept separated.  Thin balsa wood boards can be picked up at craft stores and easily cut into the size needed to fill the box.

via Compulsive Craftiness

Jen of I Heart Organizing is always full of interesting organizing ideas.  I was inspired by this idea when I organized my craft paint a few weeks ago, but I think the idea would also be great for inside the wine box.  Empty cereal boxes or other small boxes could be wrapped in paper to add some separation for supplies, which would be easier than cutting the balsa wood for inserts.  It would also add another opportunity to make the inside of the box pretty!
via I Heart Organizing

Instead of painting the lid of the box with chalkboard paint, cork could be installed to turn the lid into a cork board.  Small items like business cards that might be lost could be posted on the board.

Tracy is not sure whether or not to paint the outside of the box or to just varnish it.  I like either idea.  The picture and details on the box are nice and decorative.    I also think the box could be easily transformed with a coat of paint and some sanding to reveal some of the wood.  The box could be painted to match whatever room Tracy is going to store her box in.  The lid could be stamped, have a decal applied to it, or have something decoupaged on it, like a favorite picture or quote.  I found the great example below on Etsy.

via Etsy

So those are some of my ideas.....what ideas do you have to help Tracy?  I'd love for you to leave some comments below!

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