Trip to an Estate Sale

June 7, 2013

I love going to yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, antique stores.  You never know what unique items you might be able to pick up.  It is especially great when the person having the sale doesn't see the same value in an item that you do and you can pick it up super cheap.  Normally I am looking for the junkiest pieces to turn into something that people love.

I went to an estate sale the other day and picked up a few great pieces. (Or at least I think they are great!)

I got a miniature teapot that was missing it's lid and the picture on it was scratched.  I plan on repainting it white.  I also got a folding wooden tape measure.  I loved how worn it was on the outside.
Those items are sitting on an adorable kid's chair.  It's paint spattered and beat up.  Unfortunately, it's missing two of the bars on the bottom to make the chair safe for sitting.  I'll try to fix it, but if not, it will make a cute display piece.  It's actually a sturdy, well-built little chair.

I got a metal tool box that is also paint spattered and beat up.  I'm not sure whether I'll paint something on this or just refinish it a bit.  Inside of it is a little tray, probably for holding nails and screws and small tools.  (Sorry, I didn't snap a picture of it!)

On top of the box is a metal candle holder.  I'm collecting these right now for trees that I'm going to make closer to Christmas.  (You'll have to wait to see those!)   I'm not sure what the wooden item is (or what the brown piece is on the front of it the state of Pennsylvania?)....I'm thinking it's some sort of scrapbook/art pad.  It will make a nice surface for painting a picture on.

I plan on doing something with all these things eventually and you'll see them again when they are done.  Any ideas of what I can do with my purchases?

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