A Decorated Tree for the Fourth of July

June 28, 2013

Sometimes I think the easiest way to decorate for a holiday is to use things you have around the house in the colors of the season. What is more Fourth of July than some red, white and blue?

Since I didn't want the tree to sit right on the floor, I used this lidded basket.  When a tree is short (this one is 4 feet)  the top of the tree is what you notice the most because it is at eye level.  If you can lift the tree slightly, or even put it on a low table, the entire tree becomes more of a statement.

 I placed a cardboard box in the basket and then set the tree on top of it.

 To cover the box and the base of the tree, I wrapped an old red, white, and blue quilt around the base and let it hang out over the sides.

The tree has vintage inspired Christmas lights on it.   I wrapped ribbon with red, white and blue stripes and stars on it around the tree, followed by beaded garland (there are still a couple of these left in my online store if you'd like to purchase them). Sometimes I think I over-think this process....it looks better when the beads and ribbon are not perfectly placed around the tree. As hard as it is for me, random is better in this case.

 Then I covered the tree with red, white, and blue Christmas ornaments. I like to tuck some ornaments close to the trunk of the tree and some on the outer branches for a more layered look.

 Also, make sure that you keep the larger ornaments like these fancy red ones, closer to the bottom of the tree or else it will have a weird shape to it when it is decorated.

 Finally, I topped the tree off with a couple of mini flags.

 What do you think?

 I've got some more Fourth of July recipes and decorating ideas planned before the holiday next week. I hope you check back!!!

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