Let the Summer Begin

May 28, 2013

I think June is a month much like January and September.  It can be seen as a time to start over.  The month fits in perfectly, of course, with my plan of living the best version of my life.

There are so many possibilities in summer....it's a season of being able to enjoy all the little things in life....tweeting birds, the warm sunshine, sweet smelling flowers, great tasting fruits.  How many of us really take the time to enjoy these things, though?  Are we more concerned with mowing the yard, painting the porch, and trimming the trees?  I'm not saying that these aren't important things to do in the summer (your neighbors wouldn't be too happy with the grass in your yard being six inches tall, I'm sure).  But I think we all need to take time from worrying about the important "jobs" we have to do, and spend some of it enjoying everything the season has to offer.

There are so many enjoyable things to do during the warm months of the year......

  • Get outside...the months go by quickly and before you know it the weather will be cool again.  Don't waste the beautiful weather by sitting in the house.  Take a walk.  Eat dinner on your deck. Go to a flea market.
  • Send a cute invitation to your friends and family inviting them over for a picnic.  Don't take the fun out of it by making it hard on yourself, though.  Ask everyone to bring a salad or dessert.  Serve hot dogs that everyone can cook themselves over an open fire pit.  Take the time to play some volleyball or badminton.
  • Go to the farmers market.....Produce tastes best this time of the year and it tastes even better when you know it has been grown in the area and has been picked fresh.  And don't forget to see if anyone is selling some fresh flowers you can bring home, too.

  • Sit outside and look at the stars or the setting sun.
  • Start a small flower garden....Create a small space that can be easily taken care of and enjoyed.  Add some pretty smelling flowers or plants that will attract birds.  Put a small bench or place to sit in the garden so you can look and enjoy what you've created.  If a garden isn't for you or you don't have the space, start with just creating an amazing looking pot of flowers.  Or start a window herb garden.  Whatever it is, keep it small and manageable and make it something that you'll enjoy taking care of.  Not just something else to add to your to do list.
  • Make some sun tea....Why not use the power of nature to make a delicious tasting beverage?  I like to fill my sun tea jar with warm water, add a cup of sugar, and eight tea bags.  To make flavored tea, like orange or peach, I add four regular tea bags with four of the flavor I want.  Stir it up and leave the jar outside for the afternoon.
    10 Tips for Making the Best Tea

  • Make homemade ice cream.....And I don't mean use the attachment on your Kitchen Aid!  Find an old hand crank ice cream maker, fill it with some rock salt and make ice cream the way it used to be made with fresh ingredients.  You can't buy that taste in the store!

  • Listen to the birds, even if it is just while you are lying in bed in the early morning hours.  And if you live where you don't have any birds....go find some!  Visit a park, take a walk in the woods, or drive to the country.

Did you notice that most of these suggestions are cheap (or free?!?!)  It won't cost you anything to take a little time to enjoy your summer!

I'd love to get back to the way summer USED to be, back before people were so busy and attached to their cell phones, computers, and TV.  I want to enjoy the next few months and not get to September 1 and instead wish that I had.  Did any of this sound good to you?

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